Al Pacino and Meadow Williams star in American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally an intense character study based on the real-life of Mildred Gillars.

Mildred was an American woman living in Germany for most of WW II. During that time she was employed as a radio personality in Berlin and hosted several programs that contained psychological propaganda designed to undermine American Soldiers confidence and moral.

After WWII Mildred was captured and returned to America. She was the first woman to stand trial for treason for working with Nazi’s. During the trial Mildred was represented by attorney James J. Laughlin…

Actor and Producer Swen Temmel

Actor and Producer Swen Temmel is a star on the rise. Born in Austria, Swen moved to the United States with his parents in 1997. Growing up, Swen learned his tireless work ethic working at his parent’s iconic ice cream shop in Venice Beach, Charly Temmel Ice Cream. After graduating from Malibu High School in 2009, Swen studied acting, completing the prestigious two-year conservatory program at The Lee Strasberg Institute and the Shakespeare program at Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

Swen won his first Daytime Emmy® in 2020 as a Producer for The Bay (Outstanding Digital Drama Series)…

Images Courtesy of LANY Entertainment

Season 6 of the 19-time Emmy winning Digital Drama Series The Bay, has been trending on social media and receiving high praise for the cast and showrunners since it began releasing new episodes in November on Popstar! TV.

Cast members Kristos Andrews, Brandon Beemer, Bianca D’Ambrosio, Chiara D’Ambrosio, Najee De-Tiege, Mary Beth Evans, Erik Fellows, Celeste Fianna, Mike Manning, Eric Nelsen, and showrunner Gregori J. Martin shared insights about Bay City and the holiday season.

Jackie Zeman (Sofia Madison) and Brittany Underwood (Riley Henderson)

When The Bay began production on season 6 in July, the world was around eights months into the pandemic. Allowing the talented cast of actors to explore the realities of what the entire world was facing in real time through the eyes and thoughts of their characters was a smart creative decision. It provided the opportunity to uniquely explore the depth of impact events have on communities from both the individual and collective perspectives and experiences as they are occuring in the world. In episode 8 “A Pitched Battle” emotions run deep.

Sofia Madison (Jackie Zeman) is forced to confront…

Images courtesy of LANY Entertainment The Bay

Since its inception The Bay has been a ground breaking series. It is a Digital Drama Series that is the best of primetime soaps and the best of daytime television. Executive Produced and Written by Creator Gregori J. Martin and Daytime Legend Wendy Riche The Bay is timely with storylines and gives the talented cast incredible material to work with. …

Kristos Andrews (Pete) and Jade Harlow (Lianna) Courtesy of LANY Entertainment

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 marks The Bay’s official 10th anniversary. To celebrate this incredible achievement, Daytime Emmy® Award winning show-runner Gregori J. Martin and the LANY Entertainment team are releasing a two (2) part anniversary special exclusively on Popstar! TV. Join Daytime Emmy® Award winners Kristos Andrews (as Pete Garrett), Mary Beth Evans (as Sara Garrett), and Jade Harlow (as Lianna Ramos) as they take a trip down memory lane and catch the return of Karrueche Tran (as Vivian Johnson-Garrett).

Fans of the series can add Stirr, Plex TV or Distro TV to their ROKU, APPLE TV, or Amazon FIRESTICK…

Kombucha Cure co-stars veteran character actors Jennifer Bassey (All My Children, 27 Dresses, Falcon Crest) and Jasper Cole (MacGruber, Prom Queen, The Rookie) have re-united and are headlining the serialized drama podcast The Church of Mike. In The Church of Mike, Mike MacAuley (Cole) is an ex-hitman turned minister on the run from Chicago’s Polish mob, who seeks redemption as the pastor of a small town church, only to be blackmailed into moon lighting for a local crime boss. Mike sees his current situation with a sense of humor, and views it framed by religion, morality, and delusion in the…

Emmy winners Kristos Andrews (Pete Garrett) and Mary Beth Evans (Sara Garrett) on The Bay, courtesy of LANY Entertainment

Exciting news from Bay City! Following the tremendous success of The Bay: Covid-19 Awareness special in May, 19-time Daytime Emmy award-winning digital drama series THE BAY is moving to a new flagship network, Popstar! TV.

Starting this Tuesday, September 1st, with two additional episodes released on September 8th, leading up to a two-part 10 Year Anniversary Special on September 15th.

For the next three weeks, you can watch all-new episodes of THE BAY every Tuesday at 3:00 pm ET (12:00 pm PT) only on Popstar! TV. …

Actor James Preston first caught everyone’s attention with his part on the cult-classic ABC series The Gates and as a model for Abercrombie and Fitch. This past year he joined the cast of the 19-time Emmy® award winning series The Bay (Amazon Prime Video). Nick is the son of Patty Walker (Andrea Evans) and has started working for CEO Lianna Ramos (Jade Harlow) at Romantica.

What is your approach to acting? Acting can be a sacrifice emotionally and personally. Acting requires constantly pulling from around you to form the character and bring that character to life. …


Investigator and Interviewer, Graduate of New England College of Business.

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